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Price: RM21,000.00
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Manufacturer: AQUA WASH (Wet Clean)
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VENL Aquawash system VH13

l Large washing capacity 13kg

l Rigid mount high spin 814 RPM (200G)

l Fully programmable washing program

l Programmable water level and water temperature

l Built-in gentle wash and wet-clean program

l Electric heating selectable

l System deliver with chemical pump and wet-clean chemical




Dry cleaning à Why expose yourself to risks?

Dry cleaning is a garment cleaning process that utilizes a chemical solvent instead of water, to remove stains and dirt, especially from delicate fabrics.

However, the common solvent used in dry cleaning – Perchloroethylene (PERC), is known to pollute the environment, cause neurological, kidney and liver damage to human, and has been identified as a possible carcinogen. As it can enter the body through respiratory system or skin, this poses health risk to employees working at laundering (specifically dry-cleaning) facilities. Customers and communities in the vicinity may also be affected. In addition, investment costs for dry cleaning machines are high due to the pricey equipment itself and increasing installation costs. Extra costs also have to be put up by employers in order to purify the solvent and careful disposal of hazardous residue wastes.


Wet cleaning à Alternative consideration

Wet cleaning is a professional garment cleaning technique that utilizes water, biodegradable detergents and computer-programmed machines that can be specialized for different fabric types. It has been regarded as the safest professional garment cleaning method by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), attributed to the fact that it is a water-based cleaning system that does not involve the use of any hazardous chemical. In terms of installation costs, a wet cleaning machine takes up about 1/3 of a PERC machine, but a higher finishing cost is required due to additional pressing and finishing work. Up till now, wet cleaning technique has been widely accepted and is getting a rise in popularity.



              Wet Cleaning  :- 1)    Environmental-friendly.

                                                                  2)      High volume and shorter cleaning time.

                                                                  3)       Less risk to human health.

                                                                  4)       Suitable for cottons, wools, silks, leathers, wedding gowns.

                                                                  5)       Effective stain removal for cleaner garment.

                                                                  6)       No chemical smell


                              Wet cleaning works in five steps:            







Simple comparison between regular laundering, dry cleaning and wet cleaning



Regular laundering

Dry cleaning

Wet cleaning

ü  Water-based

û  Solvent-based

ü  Water-based

û  Conventional, non-biodegradable detergent harmful to the environment

û  Chemical solvent (PERC) harmful and toxic to health and environment

ü  Non-toxic and biodegradable detergent safe for health and environment

û  Not suitable for delicate fabrics

ü  Suitable for delicate fabrics

ü  Suitable for delicate fabrics

û  Uses standard washing machines with high agitation inducing damage to garments

û  Uses large machines that tumble garments similar to Laundromat washing machines

ü  Uses large, specialized machines with low mechanical action that is gentle to garments

û  Fabric textures might be altered (dyes can bleed cause shrinkages, etc)

ü  Minimal alteration to fabric textures (prevent shrinkages, avoid bleed)

ü  Minimal alteration to fabric textures (prevent shrinkages, avoid bleed)


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